Chris Kluwe pondering changing his name to show love of World of Warcraft
December 31st - 19 Responses

Professional football player Chris Kluwe, punter for the Minnesota Vikings, recently raised his love for World of Warcraft on his weekly radio program. So much so, he floated the idea of changing his name to Chris “World of Warcraft” Kluwe. In fact, he adds, people have come to start referring to him as Christ “Warcraft” Kluwe, a nickname I personally think sounds a hell of a lot tougher. Kluwe plays a troll roge on the US Kil’jaeden server, though I’m not sure if it’s a male or a female. Kluwe’s remarks from his recent show:

“I think more people like to hear me talk about playing video games than football,” said Kluwe, an expert at many video games. “I’ve played video games since I was 4 years old. I play them a lot more than I kick a football. I kick the ball about 45 minutes a day. I play video games about five or six hours a day. But that’s OK. I don’t watch TV.”

“Back when [Bengals receiver] Chad Johnson changed his name to Ocho Cinco, I told the guys at 93X that I was going to change my name to Chris ‘World of Warcraft,’ ” Kluwe said. “They said that’s too long. So they started calling me Chris ‘Warcraft.’ I could make a lot of money if I changed my name to that.”

The Magic Show, covering everything Magic: The Gathering
December 20th - 11 Responses

I have no clue what language is being used 90% of the time in this video, but I just recently stumbled-upon the latest episode of The Magic Show, a regular video-reportage on the up-to-date happenings from the Magic: The Gathering world. Following some championship matches in Philadelphia and Memphis, I’m kind of stuck in-between utter confusion and complete interest.

EVE Online demos walking in stations at EVE FanFest
December 18th - 3 Responses

At the most recent EVE Online FanFest, EVE developers gave attendees a long demo finally showing the first version of in-game characters, walking around space stations. A huge milestone and an exciting one for the massive multi-player which for many years has locked their players into their ships.

Showing a darkly lit, nicely animated in-station world, complete with shops and mini-games playable against others, EVE Online is taking one step closer to becoming a 3rd person MMO!

2008′s most pirated PC games
December 8th - 14 Responses

Ahhh, a yearly tradition we don’t officially support, but always love to read about. Every year, torrent network Torrent Freak releases their official list of pirated PC games, giving us normals and the video game producing suits a bit of insight into which games are topping the torrent charts.

This year’s “winner” is none other than the highly anticipated Spore from EA. With unbelievable hype and quite some backlash due to it’s SecurROM DRM (easily bypassed it seems), Spore was downloaded 1.7 million times by Torrent Freak users, followed by other hits such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Sims 2, Assassins Creed Creed and more.

The full list, with place, name, amount of downloads and date of release.

1. Spore
(1,700,000) (Sept. 2008)

2. The Sims 2
(1,150,000) (Sept. 2004)

3. Assassins Creed
(1,070,000) (Nov. 2007)

4. Crysis
(940,000) (Nov. 2007)

5. Command & Conquer 3
(860,000) (Mar. 2007)

6. Call of Duty 4
(830,000) (Nov. 2007)

7. GTA San Andreas
(740,000) (Jun. 2005)

8. Fallout 3
(645,000) (Oct. 2008)

9. Far Cry 2
(585,000) (Oct. 2008)

10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
(470,000) (Oct. 2008)

Sigourney Weaver turns down Alien game voiceover – “The whole thing was so ridiculous”
December 8th - 7 Responses

Ah Sigourney, so rough, so tough, we love it! MTV sat down with Sigourney Weaver to talk a little bit the upcoming Alien games from Sega, and the possibilities of her returning to voice her film characters.

Turns out the answer was a resounding, “no”. From the interview:

They wanted me to do Ripley and I said, Well you have Ripley killing aliens but also sick people and other marines! And every other word out of my mouth was a curse word. I’m not a nun or anything, but I said, ‘This is not true to the character.’ And they also showed me six video games and said it was going to be made by this company. There was one called Rednecks where they shoot animals. The whole thing was so ridiculous.

It’s a bit unclear though which Alien game she was talking about, as according to Sega, their people haven’t spoken to Weaver’s people, so it’s up in the air about which Alien game Weaver was in talks for.

Crazy Frenchman does real-life Mario Kart
December 5th - 10 Responses

Courtesy of the certifiable Remi Gaillard, French “comedian” and video producer, we’ve got the funniest thing I’ve seen in, say, 1 or 2 minutes. Remi donned the traditional Mario costume, jumped on a racing kart and tore through the streets of Marseilles, tossing banana peels and pissing off as many other drivers as possible. French comedy at it’s best? Sadly so.