Little kid learns a better way to win stuffed toys
September 26th - 22 Responses

I always had similar thoughts in the arcade as a kid, climb through that little hole, into the machine and a soft wonderland of stuffed toys, cheap watches and fake aluminum jewelry. Good job little Lisa, Beau, Dolly or whatever your name is. You’ve made arcade loving children, and adults, proud.

How To Beat The Claw Game – Watch more free videos

Xbox Live players overwhelmingly support Obama
September 23rd - 49 Responses

As part of it’s voter registration campaign along with Rock the Vote, Microsoft is allowing Xbox Live players to virtually vote for their presidential candidate of choice. With the Xbox’s overwhelmingly younger demo behind it, it’s no surprise we’re seeing Obama eeking out McCain 43% to 31% with a large group of undecided at 13% and “other” at 13%. Possibly telling however, is the amount of voter registration forms which have been downloaded via the service since the campaign began. At 55,000 that’s quite a nice number to see, considering how under-represented the youth-generation is around the country.

Source: Accountalutionary

Is the PS3 really in trouble? Yahoo seems to think so
September 22nd - 22 Responses

Over the weekend, Yahoo via it’s Playback video blog series took a quick look at the ongoing console wars, declaring that the PS3 is struggling against the monstrous power of Nintendo and the resurgence in love for the Xbox 360.

Taking a quick peek over to VG Chartz we’re seeing that while Microsoft has had some momentum in Japan, which was no doubt a surprising turn of events in Sony’s backyard, the Xbox 360 is by no means leaps and bounds ahead of the PS3. The real question is, can Microsoft keep the pressure up with exciting releases and rumored price drops, thereby widening the sell-through gap? Also, what to do about Blu-Ray? Sure it’s a great format, but still not perfect and certainly not excepted among the mainstream. The driving force of monopolizing the next-gen DVD market doesn’t seem to be injecting Sony with a console sales push (and will it ever be referred to as the “Blu-Ray Market” among the mainstream?). So what’s Sony to do? Price drop? We certainly hope so, but can Sony really afford to bleed anymore with the PS3?

Regardless, neither of them can compete with Nintendo’s Wii, the comeback kid who everyone discounted at the beginning as being too gimmicky or under-powered. Seems the move to cater to the casual gamers, in effect carving out your own niche in the console market, was quite a brilliant move.

Get Darwinia and Multiwinia for only $19.99 on Steam
September 18th - 2 Responses

Introversion Software’s newest abstract hit, Multiwinia is scheduled for release in less than a day (as of last count) and you can get it PLUS the original, Darwinia, for a jaw-dropping combo-price of only $19.99 directly downloaded from Steam, everyone’s favorite digital distribution system. You can’t beat that at all!

Multiwinia – Survival of the Flattest takes you back to the time of the Multiwinians, adorable digital nomads in a gridded world, plagued by warfare and struggle. Placing you in a multi-player environment, you can fight with your friends, watching digital-war unfold in a fast-paced player-vs-player battles for control and domination.