Rockstar’s modded Table Tennis Xbox 360 console
August 27th

Rockstar Games Table Tennis modded Xbox 360

Llamma is probably one of the best in the Xbox modding world and nothing proves that more than their customs Xbox and Xbox 360 mods for major players in the games industry. Rockstar Games appears to be a particular fan, commissioning Llamma to do a few custom mod-jobs for the Grand Theft Auto developers. Most recently, Llamma created a stunning Table Tennis mod for two Xbox 360s, one of which went to the developers (probably on display in their happening New York company party loft) and the other was given away at this years PAX games convention which recently concluded in the US. The mod is brilliant, with a clear plastic panel on one side, LED table tennis ball and matching glossy black controls with the Rockstar logo screened onto it. One lucky fan is now in Rockstar heaven with this little puppy, or, a few hundred dollars richer thanks to eBay.

Rockstar Games - Table Tennis Xbox 360 mod 1 Rockstar Games - Table Tennis Xbox 360 mod 2

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